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Neogenics Edu-Tour


Neogenics Edu-Tour offers school leaders the opportunity to learn from their counterparts in other countries where there exist outstanding leadership practice and outstanding learning outcomes.


The programme benefits school leaders with limited International classroom exposure. Participants learn about innovative school leadership practices through informal meetings with various heads of schools, observation of lessons and full school day activities in at 3 different schools.



Who can attend?

  • It is open to only school proprietors, school leaders and practicing school administrators

How are travel arrangements made?

Neogenics Edu-Tour facilitates the entire process including Visa Application, Flight Bookings, Accommodation, Feeding, Local Travel, Training sessions, instructional materials and programme arrangement all at the cost of participants.

NB: Visa process will be subject to the embassy’s eligibility criteria


When is the next TOUR?

Complete the form below and we will get in touch with you. A minimum number of 10 Schools Leaders are required for each    Edu-Tour.

To book  please call us on:  +233 262 714106 .