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Children Ministry Academy

It is Professional Development training programme designed for church workers to EDUCATE, DEMONSTRATE and EQUIP them.

We focus on practical skills, ideas and innovations that will enable them to increase effectiveness in their interaction with children.

The following facts form the basis for intervention;

Methods of Delivery at most Church Sunday Schools do not match the needs of today’s child – TRUE!!!


Today’s child requires 21st Century delivery skills which most Church Sunday School Teachers do not have – TRUE!!!


Most Church Sunday School Teachers lack positive behaviour management skills and techniques in handling inappropriate behaviour – TRUE!!!

If you agreed with any of the above, we strongly recommend this training to you and your children ministry. With most schools gradually plucking away Christian values from their curriculum and ethos, the Church MUST reposition its Children ministries to make it more compelling.

To book  please call us on:  +233 262 714106 or complete a service request form below;