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Neogenics Education College (NECO)

Neogenics Education College (NECO) is a training provision for the training of teachers, heads of schools and other education professionals to meet the needs of pre-tertiary schools and Education related service providers.

In undertaking this mission, NECO will adhere to the highest standard in all our work, guided by a concern for positive work ethics within education and embedding ICT in our daily practice.


 “To raise a new breed of human capital in the Education Sector of African countries who will equip the African Child with future-proof skills so they can meet their future digital, personal, intellectual, emotional, social and economic needs”.


“Pushing the frontiers of education by training people to become accomplished and ambitious leaders of integrity, who are able and willing to add value to learners through classroom practice, development of educational aids, school leadership, coaching, mentoring, media, journalism and social enterprise”.


  • Certificate in International Strategic School Leadership (CISSL)
  • Certificate in Excellent Classroom Practice (CECP)
  • Certificate in Education Consultancy (CEC)


Each course is over 3 Academic terms / 1 academic year (Work Based).


Note: Lectures are flexible and take place during the evenings or weekends

Click here to register or please call 0208317577 / 0262714106