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Whole School Review


We act as your critical friend bringing you an honest, fair and independent view of your school. We identify your school’s strengths and areas for development to reflect local expectations and international standards. The focus is primarily on your school and its pupils, staff, community and vision.

Prior to the Health Check you will be required to complete a questionnaire which will be followed by a visit by a consultant or a team of consultants. In the process of the health check they will conduct some or all of the following:

  • Unaccompanied learning walks or observations.
  • Accompanied learning walks and observations with managers, staff, pupils.
  • Lesson observations.
  • Work scrutiny – looking at student exercise books
  • Interviewing students, staff and parents
  • Time with student leadership groups

All such work will be fed back through a written report and subsequent meetings as agreed, and will be supported by recommendations for actions to respond to findings including suggestions of how any necessary external support could be provided.


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