Centre for School Leadership & Education Professionals


The CENTRE FOR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP & EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS focuses on strategic courses which will shape the workforce in education to reflect international standards.

Aims of our courses:

The course develops trainees competence and confidence in teaching and in their general professional role. It will provide trainees with a set of perspectives and information upon which they can build as their career develops and to present a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable course. The courses aim to develop; 

  • A broad range of practical hands-on skills
  • Appropriate personal qualities and professional attitudes
  • An informed understanding of curriculum and teaching methodology
  • The capacity to reflect critically on professional practice and research
  • High quality teachers likely to positively influence the development of schooling and pedagogy in Ghana

THE CENTRE FOR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP & EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS is committed to developing the 3 tiers of school leadership - Leadership for Learning, Leadership of Learning and Leadership by Learners. Under this programme we offer 3 professional development certificate courses;

  1. Global Standard Strategic School Leadership
  2. International Standard Classroom Practice
  3. Education Consultancy and In-Service Training


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