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Centre for School Leadership & Education Professionals

Focuses on strategic courses which will shape the workforce in education to reflect international standards...

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Teachers' Pool

places instructors/ teachers/ learning assistants in permanent, long term and short term positions in a wide range of schools in Ghana after a period of intensive training, teaching practice and work experience opportunity.

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Health Check

We act as your critical friend bringing you an honest, fair and independent view of your school. We identify your school’s strengths and areas for development to reflect local expectations and international standards.

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Global Standard Schools Netword (GLOSSNET)  is a network of schools in Ghana with one single aim; Raising Standards in Education provision through sharing of good/innovative classroom practice and continuous professional development. read more

School World TV

SCHOOL WORLD is to EDUCATE, EQUIP AND ENLIGHTEN teachers, parents and children with knowledge, skills and strategies in order to challenge underachievement in schools. It will demonstrate high impact teaching pedagogy; highlight local exemplars of outstanding teaching and learning/revision techniques as well as successful parental skills.

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School-Based Training

Working in schools is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. The terrain and landscape in teaching is constantly changing around the world.

Most schools in Africa are always playing ‘catch-up’. NeoGenics Education’s Professional Development Courses help schools to update their knowledge and skills to reflect the continuous change in Technology, Teaching and Learning.

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School Managed Services

Our School Managed Service is designed to be cost effective, reliable and robust and, above all, flexible.

Deploying a blend of onsite support, remote telephone helpdesk and field-based support, you will never be without help. With your permission we may employ new personnel and terminate existing ones we find unproductive.

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Teachers Network

One of the biggest hindrances to achievement of schools in Africa is the lack of open collaboration. Every school is almost like an island. Most of them have good practices they can share with other schools and we at Neogenics Education believe a social network like ours could bridge the gap.

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Examination Preparation Conferences  (JHS/SHS)

Many people tend to think that the Examination Outcomes/Results is down to the day of the examination itself. Others blame the school and the teachers when things don’t go as expected. The questions I ask myself each time when students are preparing for exams are;

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