Runway Aviation Club founder wins EDUCOM 2016 Award

Okyere Obed, founder and CEO of Runway Aviation Club Ghana, was presented with the EDUCOM 2016 'Young Advocate Award' at a ceremony held at the Holiday Inn, Accra, Ghana on August 27th.

The citation recognises 'Individual students or groups of students who have successfully advocated for young people either through writing, negotiations, interventions or representations'.

Runway Aviation Club Ghana (www.RunwayAviation.clubwas born in 2014 from an idea by Okyere Gyamena Obed (23) who wanted to create a gateway for young Ghanaians seeking a route into the aviation industry. The Club encourages its members to self-educate where possible and to approach the Ghanaian aviation industry to investigate future opportunities in all sectors, including the airlines, business aviation, trip support, ATC, regulation, MRO and aircraft finance & leasing.

Neogenics Education, an international education consultancy training service provider, launched the 'Education Community Awards 2016' (EDUCOM) to recognise 20 outstanding institutions, individuals and organisations in the educational sector, whose performance and activities have positively affected education.

Following the awards, Okyere said, "I am thrilled to receive this award and I hope it helps us attract interest and support for our project, Runway Aviation Club Ghana,

Okyere Obed, founder and CEO of Runway Aviation Club Ghana, at the Award ceremony on August 27th.
as we need sponsorship from companies at home and abroad to continue advising our young members on careers in all sectors of aviation."

Runway Aviation Club Ghana Honorary President, Joe McDermott, Senior Consultant at Dublin-based Global FBO Consult, congratulated Okyere on his outstanding achievement: “Well done Okyere! Congratulations on bringing your vision for RAC Ghana so far. I look  forward to supporting you and your fellow members when taking the next step in your search for training and careers in the aviation industry."



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