This is a phenomenal way by which we empower teachers financial by selling their Lesson Plans for Ghc 5 each. Yes it’s true! Plan and earn. This raises the quality of lesson plans teachers produce as well as delivers all the benefits of planning a lesson.


  1. Download our LESSON PLAN template from
  2. Choose a Subject and a topic within the national curriculum
  3. Complete series of 5 lessons under your chosen subject/topic
  4. Length of lesson should be 40 minutes for each lesson plan
  5. Save and submit your completed lesson plan to: processed)
  6. A team of Educational Experts will review them
  7. Every week set of successful lesson plans will be published on
  8. The owner of the published LESSON PLANS will receive CASH for their PLANS.
  9. Unpublished lesson plans may be due to its low quality
  10. It may take a minimum of 4 or more weeks to publish a set of PLANS

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