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Discipline and Behaviour Management

Teaching is an honourable but challenging profession and those who endure it till the end find contentment by the lives they have impacted over the years. With my few years of teaching experience I have witnessed many teachers who have given up this noble career due to their inability to manage the behaviour of their learners in the classroom.

This book gives readers, both new and old to the teaching profession, an insight to transforming the lives of young people through teaching and learning without the behaviour getting in the way.

Glean through the pages and hope you have a great experience.

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The Teacher, The Learner and The Lesson

This book contains professional guidance and essential tips for all teachers and teacher-trainees to optimise their classroom performance. It brings to the reader the true value of being a teacher or an educator.

Highlights include:
  • 30 effective lesson delivery hints
  • What kind of teacher do learners really want?
  • Characteristics of a good lesson plan
  • How to become an assertive teacher
  • and more

Enjoy reading and have a great experience.

"Effective legacy-leadership is a decisive factor to the success of any school and also the fulfilment of a child’s destiny.”

"The failure of a learner is the failure of the teacher and for that matter the school."

"Children don’t fail. It is the nation, politicians, parents, exam boards, schools and teachers who fail children."

Order your copies Now! Call:  +233 208 317577 | +233 262 714106