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“Regulate the springing up of private schools”- Consultant

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, Mr Bulmuo said "Most children are victims of educational experiment conducted by unqualified proprietors. So we end up seeing schools under trees, wood houses while counting on the money of the poor Ghanaian parent for future expansion."

He said the desire of most private proprietors to establish their own crèches, kindergarten and other pre-school institutions was to maximise profits at the expense of parents and guardians and urged the Ghana Education Service to closely monitor such activities to stem the malpractices in the system.Mr Bulmuo advised the Ghana Education Service to also set targets for head teachers and adequately resource them to perform creditably in their various locations.Mr Bulmuo appealed to the Ministry of Education to also break the monopoly of  the West African Examinations Council in the conduct of all examinations and encourage a few more internationally recognised Examination bodies into the country.

"For Ghana to make a global impact, it will need to take control of the steering of its education system and drive it towards a direction which will churn out astute and decisive individuals who are innovative and creative," he added.

He called for partnership between the public and private sectors to raise the standards of all failing schools by providing effective leadership and management to such schools.

The Education Consultant added that: "There should be a rigorous procedure for setting up privates schools to include several variables such as location, population of community, skills set of initial staff, etc."

Mr Bulmuo said the situation where some of the schools are started before receiving approval was detrimental to the country's education system and should therefore be eliminated in the system.

He said the situation was not only breeding mediocrity but also giving the proprietors ample opportunity to exploit parents and guardians for their personal gains.

Accra, Dec3, GNA- Mr Grant Bulmuo, an Education Consultant and Learning Engineer, has appealed to the Ghana Education Service to regulate the springing up of several private pre-school institutions throughout the country.

Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 (GNA)


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