Neogenics organizes “Teachers day Out” in December for all Teachers and Their Families

Teachers,School Staff and their families shall on Friday, December 1,2017 meet at the El-Wak Stadium in Accra to have fun and Socialize.

The program dubbed “TEACHERS DAY OUT” is being put together by the Neogenics Educational Group, organizers of the Education Community Awards in Ghana.

The Purpose of the Fun games include the Following:

* A fun filled day for Teachers,School Staff and their Families

* Kick out the Stress

* Network with Classroom Practitioners

* Opportunities for heads of Schools to give their school staffs a good treat

Highlights of the Event:

* Ampe. * Volley Ball * Athletics

* Tag of War * Basketball * Table Tennis

*Football gala * Couples Race * Egg& Sack Race

* Banku Eating Competition

Special Attractions

* Pedicure and Manicure for female teachers

* Headteachers’ Penalty Kick Challenge

* Medals and Trophies for Best Schools

* Health and Finance Consultation

Register Your School to Participate; 0262 714 106/ 0547 068 141

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