I believe that children don’t fail, rather schools and teachers fail the children”

1)    Please tell us more about Neogenics Education and what you do?
We are Independent Educational Consultants and Service Providers delivering world class training and educational consultancy services and interventions.

Our vision is “to equip educational institutions and individuals with appropriate tools, skills, training, resources and advisory services which will enable them deliver their goals effectively and maximise their potential.”

NeoGenics Education is notable for its pitch in training. The dynamic style of its lead trainer and team of consultants gives their participants a cutting edge experience, total satisfaction and quest for more.

2)    Any exciting projects you can tell us about that you are part of?
Neogenics Education has recently launched a key intervention programme of which the whole team is excited about. THE CENTRE FOR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP & EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS is committed to developing the 3 tiers of school leadership - Leadership for Learning, Leadership of Learning and Leadership by Learners. Under this programme we offer 3 professional development certificate courses;

  1. Global Standard Strategic School Leadership
  2. International Standard Classroom Practice
  3. Education Consultancy and In-Service Training

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