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Ghana’s education System is losing its focus

ecole_kenya_21GRANT BULMUO, Lead Consultant of Neogenics Education Consultancy, has said that Ghana’s education system is losing its focus. Mr. Bulmuo believes the existing educational system in Ghana must be completely overhauled in order to serve its intended purpose. Speaking in an interview with DAILY GUIDE at the launch of the Neogenics Education Consultancy in Ghana, he stated emphatically that the country’s education had deteriorated. “Ghana’s education system used to be very good.

We use to be a strong kingpin in education but now when you compare it within the global context you will realize that we don’t represent at all; the reason is it is not fit for purpose. The graduates, after their successful completion of school, come out and cannot solve any problem, the Director of the Neogenics Education Consultancy noted. He said “employers don’t find them relevant. I think that they are going through a mill, they are just schooling but they are not educated. It’s like an octopus on roller skates- many activities but no progress.

Neogenics Education Consultancy seeks to equip educational institutions and individuals with the appropriate tools, skills, training resources to enable them attain their goals to maximize their potentials, among other things. The launch of the consultancy is expected to support government to ensure the fulfillment of the constitutional obligation to provide Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE), expand and improve the human resource base by increasing the number of teacher training institutions in the country.

By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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