Education Community Awards (EDUCOM AWARDS)

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The purpose of the Education Community Awards (EDUCOM AWARDS) is to recognise all the valuable educational related work that is undertaken within schools and our communities across Ghana by schools, students/pupils, parents, media houses, publishers, agencies, NGOs and other individuals or organisations.

who will be awarded?

The 20 Awards categories will ensure there is an award for the most deserving children, teachers, parents, office staff, schools and other organisations.

The prizes

Winners will receive a winner’s plaque/shield/trophy, a certificate and in some cases educational resources. Highly commended second place nominees will also receive a certificate.

when and where?

A three hour (5pm-8pm) presentation ceremony will be held. The date and venue will be made available soon.


Invitation to submit nominations and supporting evidence are opened from 28th August 2016 and will close on the 31st May 2017.

A panel of judges shall be composed to assess each nomination entered.

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1 Special Education Resource Award Making accessible special resources for learners with educational needs. Demonstrating great customer service and care Individuals/Organisations / Publishers
2 Educational Book Award Consistent contribution to knowledge of learners through writing/publishing. Authors / Publishers
3 Supplier of the Year Supplying resources to schools to a high level of satisfaction Organisations
4 Outstanding Achievement Award Learner who has made the most progress in spite of their prevailing challenges Students/Learners
5 Leadership in Education Award This award recognises heads of schools and institutions who provide inspirational leadership, who motivate and involve staff, children and young people across the school, bringing learning to life, and inspiring all to fulfil their potential. School Leaders / Headteachers / Principals
6  Education Support Worker Award This awards office staff in schools or education office who show a track record of dedication and willing to go every mile to get the work done. Schools/Education Office/Ministry
7 Novelty Project Award   Outstanding ground breaking research or innovation by a student or learner Students/Learners
8 Outstanding Contribution to Local Community School which has influenced their  community (local/district/region) and has influenced their socio-economic status Schools
9 Outstanding Contribution to Digital Technology in Education Transforming whole school infrastructure with 21st Century learning devices impacting  teaching  across the school Organisations / Schools
10 Innovative  Digital Teacher Award Effective use of ICT in teaching and learning and consistently model good practice for others to follow Teachers
11 International Collaborators of the year Established strong international ties either through exchange programmes or collaborations Schools
12 Enterprise Initiator Award Promoting creativity and enterprising activities among learners Schools
13 Education Partnership Award This category recognises establishments/NGOs who have transformed the life chances for young people through effective partnership. NGOs
14 Inspirational  Teacher Award This award recognises teachers who are bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring all children and young people to fulfil their potential within their subject area. Consistently giving their learners a daily memorable experience Teachers
15 Partner in Learning Award This category recognises the important role that parents play in education in schools and in individual children’s learning. Taking into consideration the scope of their willingness to defy all life’s odds to make it happen for their children and others Parents
16 Lifetime Achievement Award This award is open to all qualified teachers and headteachers approaching the end of their careers, and aims to recognise their work in providing leadership and commitment for colleagues, their school and the wider community throughout their career. Senior Heads of Schools
17 Value-Added Award Remedial schools that has consistently added value to students so they can be repositioned or make progress in their educational career Remedial Schools
18 Exceptional Sports Achievement Award Individual students who have excelled in various sporting activities while making consistent academic progress Students Learners
19 Media Contribution to Education Award Radio & TV Stations, Print Media houses etc consistently supporting or promoting  educational programmes with the aim of raising achievement in schools as partners, sponsors or unique initiators Media Houses
20 Young Advocate Award Individual students or group of students below the age of 18yrs who have successfully advocated for other young people either through writing, negotiations, interventions or representations at SRC or school leadership level Students/Learners


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